Antonio Macan is a classically trained pianist/ composer/ producer and was born in Frankfurt am Main. At the age of four, he discovered his love for the piano and music. From then on, he practiced daily for years to master the art of playing the piano. During his training, his parents brought in world-class piano teachers from all over the world to provide their son with the best education possible. After only three years of practicing, he played at the age of seven an impressive repertoire of world famous composers such as Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Debussy.

One of the first awards he received in younger years was the first place at the “Jugend musiziert” competition in Germany. Ever since, the german and international media have been reporting on his successful career. In addition, he appeared in various television and radio programs throughout Europe and presented his interpretations of classical composers. In addition, he participated in the 300th anniversary celebration in St. Petersburg and the 13th Kaunas Music International Festival. In the latter he represented Germany very successfully.

Antonio Macan has also proven himself as a gifted composer in addition to his work as talented concert pianist. His own compositions were recorded and released for the first time in Croatia as an album called “AVALON” and have quickly established themselves as bestsellers in the world. At this time Antonio toured with his album “AVALON” through many different cities and countries.

For his second album “CLASSIC VOL. 1” he returned to his classical roots and successfully interpreted works of great masters ranging from the epoch of Romanticism (Chopin), Impressionism (Debussy), Expressionism (Skriabin), Modernism (Gorecki) and New Music (Shchedrin).

Since he was inspired and strongly influenced by contemporary music, he shows a keen interest in combining classical piano with hip music genres. In addition, he also studied sound engineering at the SAE Institute Frankfurt am Main, in order to acquire the knowledge of modern music compositions and productions.

While the movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean” became a huge success, Antonio was challenged by other pianists around the world to compose his own arrangement of the popular theme music. Matching this, he produced an interesting slapstick music video, which enjoyed great popularity on YouTube. Walt Disney himself described the composition as the most complex piano solo arrangement that exists worldwide.

Arrangements of well-known movies such as “James Bond”’ and “50 Shades of Gray” followed some time later, which were also well received by the fans.

Antonio Macan’s way to compose and produce music changed significantly afterwards. This helped him to better exploit his potential in music genre-overlapping thinking.

He used his knowledge of modern productions for the first time in the production of his arrangement of the James Bond theme melody, creating a very special composition that represents a mixture of symphonic orchestra and electronic dance music in which his virtuoso piano-playing is in the foreground. Due to his high profile, he was able to convince the famous James Bond double Martin Langanke to become part of his music video production.

As the inner-city cultural circumstances of his hometown Frankfurt am Main became progressively worse, Antonio felt urged to optimistically counteract this grievance by using his musical talent. Therefore, his team and himself developed a custom-made grand piano, which is designed for mobile street performances. Since Antonio’s street performances, millions of people from all over the world have listened to his music in Frankfurt’s pedestrian zone and were amazed at his performance, as well as his courage and will to bring a positive change to the inner-city image.

He is currently working on a brand-new combination, which he calls himself “Virtuosic Piano/EDM”, which is composed in a globally unique way of virtuoso piano-playing and electronic dance music.

Based on this, Antonio plans on his current album project to pick up well-known hits of the 80s/90s music movement and to rearrange and adapt them to his style.

Antonio Macan is a promising artist who has the potential to enrich the music world.